List of vehicles in the godfather.

Information about VehiclesEdit

Vehicles are very useful for getting around New York and New Jersey. The character, however, only owns one(which is always parked behind safehouses). This means that most vehicles will have to be stolen, which generates heat with the police. Stealing a parked car, without an upgrade from the law, will generate +50 heat. If the upgrade is a applied, there is no heat for parked car. There is always +100 heat for stealing cars that are occupied.

Main Vehicles Edit

Pickup Edit

The pickup is one of the most common vehicles. It is slow and handles poorly but is very strong.

Van Edit

Very similar in statistics to the pickup, just not as common. It is very often used in mob blockades.

Tucker Edit

Small coupe` with long hood. Not very strong, but tied with compact as fastest car.

Compact Edit

A coupe` with a curvy design and tail fins, Often painted in bright colours. Not very strong, but tied with tucker as fastest car.

Buick Edit

A sedan with a distinct early 50s styling. Average in all traits.

Sedans Edit

Two of them. One is a large and somewhat slow one, the other being a multicoloured, mid size and fast one.

Oil Truck Edit

Very large oil truck. Not fast or good handling, but very tough. it doesn't appear very often. It is great for busting through mob and police blockades.

Special/Other Vehicles Edit

Racket Truck Edit

A large truck that can be robbed and delivered to a racket drop-off for a large payout. It will speed off if rammed and, if followed long enough, will produce two mobsters who try to defend the truck. Once the mobsters are killed, the truck driver appears and can be intterogated for keys.

Mob Sedan Edit

A large sedan used by all five families. It is very fast, and is always painted black. It can be taken from mob compounds or from mob blockades.

Police Cruiser Edit

A vehicle used by the police. Very fast, and can be stolen from police compounds or blockades.

Ambulance Edit

Just that, an ambulance. Seen very rarely.