Tony Rosato was the older brother of Carmine Rosato and in Pete Cemenzas gang.He and Carmine betrayed the Corleones,made their own families,and started taking over the Corleones rackets.Tony decided to go to Florida and Carmine stayed in New York where he was at war with the Corleones and Aldo Trapani's succesor,Dominic.After Carmine was kiled by Dominic,Tony swore revenge though,he already had his hands full with the Granados Family.After Dominic took over all his businesses,killed all his made men,he raided his compound.Tony tried to intercept him at the back porch,though Dominic ended up killing him.After Tony died,Dominic ordered his demolitions expert to blow up the compound.Since then the Tony Rosato compound belonged to the Corleones.