Tony Bianchi

Tony Bianchi is a Tattaglia capo and was a close friend of Marinelli. He was extremely mad at Marinelli's murder as he knew that he was next. Bianchi's men are loyal and dangerous, so the Corleones needed to get rid of him before he plans his revenge. Tessio arranged a stay in a local brothel as the setting of Bianchi's death.

Tony Bianchi was murdered by Aldo Trapani under orders from Sal Tessio.

In the game, the player has to enter the St. Sebastian Hotel in Brooklyn for the hit. The player would proceed to sneak (by crouching) up the stairs until at the final floor. Then he is advised to garrote Bianchi's two bodyguards and finally enter the room where Bianchi is being shacked up. Using the garrote wire is the easiest way to complete the contract, and when used carefully, this mission is relatively simple.