The Tattaglia Crime Family

Don Philip Tattaglia was a sixty-year old dandy and woman chaser. And he had ample opportunity to indulge his weakness. For the Tattaglia Family dealt in women. Its main business was prostitution. It also controlled most of the nightclubs in the United States and could place any talent anywhere in the country. Philip Tattaglia was not above using strong-arm to get control of promising singers and comics and muscling in on record firms. But prostitution was the main source of the Family income. The Tattaglia’s main racket is liquor, but they have no problem getting their hands in anything dirty: prostitution, counterfeiting, gambling and murder. Their territory, Brooklyn, is full of sleazy clip-joints, strip clubs, dirty hotels and grim tenements. They are currently lying, cheating, and murdering their way through Little Italy, facing the Corleones. The Tattaglia’s are the weakest of the enemy families. Their low position forces them to work with other families to survive, and to partner with outsiders like Virgil Sollozzo. However, the struggle for power in New York City can change the fortunes of any family, and the Tattaglia’s plans to eliminate the Corleones as rivals could prove successful - and deadly.

Tattaglia gangsters are sneaky, sleazy, low-class pimps, who are murderous, desperate, and whiny.

Boss: Don Philip Tattaglia

Activities: Prostitution, liquor trade, nightclub ownership, laundry firms, murder, robbery, strong-arm, kidnapping, counterfeiting, fraud, conspiracy, protection rackets, extortion, fencing and narcotics.