The Tattaglias Family

Don: Philip Tattaglia

Consigliere: Freddie Nobile

Underbosses: Bruno Tattaglia (Son), Johnny Tattaglia (Son)

Caporegimes: Tony Bianchi, Luigi Fusco, Donnie Marinelli

Soldiers: Under Bianchi: Mikey Saleri, Squeegie McNeese

Under Marinelli: Luigi Bonetti, Rocky Della Barca

The Tattaglia family – The Tattaglia family dominates Brooklyn, owning almost every business and racket on the Brooklyn waterfront (the Barzinis are the next in line of how many buisness they own). The Tattaglia family has a serious rivalry with the Corleone family because of their business expansion into Little Italy, the Corleone's turf. Their family color is tan, Don Philip Tattaglia heads the Tattaglia Family, and his son Bruno is next in line to become Don of the Tattaglia Family. Bruno has an alliance withVirgil "The Turk" Sollozzo who runs the local Narcotics (Drugs) racket (he offered the Corleones a part of his buisness but Don Corleone refused so he teamed up with the Tattaglias).

Tattaglia Buisnesses: 7

Barzini Buisnesses: 3

Stracci Buisnesses: 1

Corleone Buisnesses: 1

Cuneo Buisnesses: 0

Safes: 15

Film Reels: 17

Police Chief Location: The Barbers