The Stracci Crime Family

Victor “The Butcher” Stracci who controlled the New Jersey area and the shipping on the West Side docks of Manhattan. He ran the gambling in Jersey and was very strong with the Democratic political machine. He had a fleet of freight hauling trucks that made him a fortune primarily because his trucks could travel with a heavy overload and not be stopped and fined by highway eight inspectors. These trucks helped ruin the highways and then his road-building firm, with lucrative state contracts, repaired the damage wrought. It was the kind of operation that would warm any man’s heart, business of itself creating more business. Stracci, too, was old-fashioned and never dealt in prostitution, but because his business was on the waterfront it was impossible for him not to be involved in the drug-smuggling traffic. Stracci also earned a sizable income from an illegal trade in explosives, smuggling them in from out of state. In actual fact, Don Straccis’ smuggling rings wielded far greater influence and power than suspected, acquiring, smuggling and selling gold from across the Mexican border. The Family also dealt in contract killing, carrying out professional assassinations that often ended in gruesome, brutal ways. This is due to the Stracci Families dark nature, a nature hard to perceive at first glance. In the daytime the neighbourhood looks quite peaceful, with fancy houses and well-groomed parks, but at night, it becomes much more dangerous. When darkness falls, their New Jersey stronghold becomes a desolate, dark and intimidating place. It is here that the Straccis’ true nature is revealed. They are the most violent and cruel Family, hostile and barbaric. It was common rumour that their transport hub was in fact a slaughterhouse for their enemies and that they sold the meat of their victims from their Butchers. Due to their isolation from the other Families, the Straccis aren’t trusted by them, and are seen as animals that use brute force to achieve their ends. The Straccis’ aren’t particularly well-funded or organised compared to other Families and Corleone capo Clemenza described them as ‘pure fucking evil’. Of the five New York Families opposing the Corleones his was the least powerful but the most well disposed. Stracci gangsters are lunatic nut-jobs, brutal, carnal, violent, unique, and isolationist.

Boss: Don Victor Stracci

Activities: Gambling in New Jersey, protection rackets, freight hauling, highway road repairs, smuggling gold across Mexico, explosives trading, some prostitution, loansharking, conspiracy, Democrat Party influence, contract killing, smuggling weapons across Canada and drug smuggling into Jersey.