Samuele Mangano was the don of the Mangano Family.He,himself,attended Hyman Roths birthday party in Cuba,and also got a piece of Cuba too.Though after the Revolution,he distrusted Roth and set his family operations in Florida where he met Aldo Trapanis succesor,Dominic,at a warehouse he purchased.The two make a truce between their two families,though,a couple hours later,Dominic and Fredo Corleone are attacked by car-full of assassins,the assassins escape and Dominic and Fredo are unharmed,though thanks to Roths manipulation on Fredo,Fredo tells Dominic to takeover Mangano's only racket,which he does,and Mangano calls Dominic that he didn't do it and calls a sitdown with him at an old factory,Dominic reluctantly agrees.At the factory,instead of Mangano being their,his consigliere,paolo,is their telling him that if they wanted him killed,he already be dead and war erupts.After Dominic takesover every racket,and kills every made men,he raids on the Mangano compound and soon kills Mangano in the process.After Samuele died,Dominic ordered his demolitions expert to blow up the compound.Since then the Mangano compound belonged to the Corleones.