Mikey Saleri is a Tattaglia soldier.

Used by Don Tattaglia to run the Family's protection rackets in Little Italy, Mikey Saleri was enraged when the recently won Emilio Brunetti switched back to paying the Corleones. Saleri personally went to sort Brunetti out and threatened to kill him if he didn't start paying the Tattaglias again. Due to his actions against the butcher, Corleone Capo, Sal Tessio, sanctioned a hit against Saleri that was to be acted out by Aldo Trapani. Just as he was beating Brunetti in the alley behind his butchers, Corleone enforcer Trapani arrived and quickly proceeded to beat Mikey Saleri to death.

Mikey Saleri was murdered by Corleone enforcer, Aldo Trapani