Name: Luca Brasi

Rank: Enforcer

Current Status: Dead

Luca Brasi is a soldato for the Corleones. He is one of Don Vito Corleone's most trusted men. Luca himself says he would never go against the Godfather.


Luca's first mission in the game is to find Aldo Trapani and get him into the family. As time passes, Luca Brasi is sent on a mission to meet with Virgil Sollozzo and Bruno Tattalgia to make it seem he doesn't want to work with the Corleones anymore, but secretly find out what the Tattalgias are up to. The mission fails and he's assassinated with Aldo Trapani as a witness. The Corleones are later sent his hat with a fish, a Sicilian message meaning that Luca is sleeping with the fishes.

Luca assassination

Luca Brasi's assassination