ImagesCAZUTQI6Hyman Roth was a business man who was old,but dangerous.In Cuba,Roth celebrated his birthday with his partners and allies such as the Corleones and various other dons.Roth told his partners that they would split Cuba's territories for all of them.Though,because of the Cuban Revolution,the deal was broken and the families started war.Dominic,Aldo Trapani's succesor,soon met Roth who the two became friends after Dominic rescued Roth's accosiate.Soonthereafter,Fredo,who was manipulated by Roth,told Dominic to go at war with the Mangano family after a car-full of assassins started to shoot at Dominic and Fredo at the Florida safehouse.After war erupted with Dominic's family and the Manganos,Fredo told Dominic to go to Roth at the docks and he'll know how to fix everything.Dominic went to the docks where he met Roth and his friend,CIA agent Henry Mitchell,who Dominic met during the airport strike,and the two manipulate Dominic into going to Cuba,kill Castro,and bring back the ex-president.After Dominic failed to kill Castro so escaped in an airplane headed back to New York,it showed in a scene that Roth was working with the Almeidas and had betrayed Dominic all along.After Dominic elimenated all of Michael's enemies,Dominic asked permission to kill Roth at the airport,which,Michael said yes,and Dominic and his crew went to the airport,fought their way through airport security,and Dominic finally found a cowering Roth.Dominic then asked Roth why he betrayed him and Roth does the famous quote[This is the life we choose].Dominic then kills Roth and Hyman Roth Set up John Corleone by making him kill a corleone underboss And roth said it was a cuneo.