The player can extort business to earn some money. There are several methods: Hitting the merchant, shooting him (but not killing him), destroying his goods, killing or threating innocents. As the player does this the merchant there is a level of bribing that increases. It gets to certain point and the player can buy the place. But if it passes over certain limit, the merchant will not negotiate. That is up to the player to kill him or not. Anyway, the merchants will appear after a short period of time. It is similar to take down rackets.

Weak Spots Edit

Every merchant has a weak spot that causes the extortion meter to go up faster than anything else. There are six different weak spots:

  • Jabs and Punches
  • Throws, Slams and Leans
  • Property Damage
  • Using Firearm
  • Threatening with Firearm
  • Threatening Innocents
  • Strangling and grabbing
  • Reasoning