250px-Esteban Almeida
Esteban Almeida was the don of the Almeida Family.During Hyman Roth's birthday party,Esteban sent Almeida soldrier Alehandro Almeida to get a piece of the new Cuba.Though,after the Cuban Revolution,Esteban sided with Castro and Roth.Soonthereafter,Dominic,Aldo Trapanis succesor,pretended to support the Revolution to get close to the government,but more importently,Castro,.After Dominic shot Castro,Esteban came out and one of his men whispered that it was Dominic.Esteban then yelled out that he knew that Dominic was a don and admits that he was also a don though he was at Cuba first and he was coming for Dominic.After Dominic was at the airport and escaped on a plane,Roth came and asked what happened,Esteban told the story,Roth then asked if Castro was alive,Esteban said yes,and Roth cursed under his breath,though then told Esteban they will get Dominic.After Dominic took over every racket and elimenated every made men,he and his crew raided on the Almeida compound and soon killed Esteban in the process.After Esteban died,Dominic ordered his demolitions expert to blow up the compound.Since then the Almeida compound belonged to the Corleones.