The Cuneos Family

Don: Carmine Cuneo

Consigliere: Luciano Fabri

Underboss: Marco Cuneo (Son)

Caporegimes :Ronnie Tosca, Michael Costa, Mario DeBellis

The Cuneo family – The Cuneo family hails from Hell's Kitchen. The Cuneo family isn't as rich as the other families, owning few rackets and businesses. Their family color is red. Don Carmine Cuneo heads the Cuneo Family. The next in line to be Don is Carmines son Marco Cuneo, also the Cuneo are 1 of 4 famillies to invest in Sollozzo Drug racket and assinate Sonny Corleone. The Cuneo are ruthless killers, excellent marksmen, and always appear in large groups largely due to the environment of Hell's Kitchen, which is run down and filled with poor communities.

Cuneo Buisnesses: 11

Tattaglia Buisnesses: 7

Stracci Buisnesses: 3

Barzini Buisnesses: 2

Corleone Buisnesses: 1

Safes: Unknown

Film Reels: 20

Police Chief Location: Cuneo Buisness Safehouse