Carmine Rosato was a capo in Pete Clemenza's family along with his older brother,Tony Rosato.Six weeks after what happened in Cuba,Carmine and Tony made their own families,Tony went to Florida,though Carmine stayed in New York taking over all the Corleones businesses.Dominic,Aldo Trapani's succesor,started retaking all of Carmine's businesses,as well as taking out Carmines made men as well.Carmine decided to go to plan B,and called a meeting with Dominic and Clemenzas succesor,Frank Pentangeli at Richie's Tavern.Though,it was a setup,Frank was apparently killed,though Dominic escaped and got his revenge after taking over all the businesses in New York,raided his compound,and killed Carmine at his office.His last words were that his brother,Tony,would come for revenge.After Carmine died,Dominic ordered his demolitions expert to blow up the compound.Since then the Carmine Rosato compound belonged to the Corleones.