Barzini Crime Family

The closest ally to the Tattaglia Family was Don Emilio “The Wolf” Barzini. He had some of the gambling in Brooklyn and some in Queens. He had some prostitution. He had strong-arm. He completely controlled Staten Island. He had some of the sports betting in the Bronx and Westchester. He was in narcotics. He had close ties to Cleveland and the West Coast and he was one of the few men shrewd enough to be interested in Las Vegas and Reno, the open cities of Nevada. He also had interests in Miami Beach and Cuba. After the Corleone Family, his was perhaps the strongest in New York and therefore in the country. His influence reached even to Sicily. His hand was in every unlawful pie. He was even rumoured to have a toehold in Wall Street. Outwardly, the Barzinis are friendly and charismatic- partly because of their influential Don, who is said to control the actions of more than one family- but also because of their rich, inviting, and glamorous lifestyle. Their businesses are seemingly classy, their fronts are immaculate, and their soldiers are the best organised and most powerful. Befitting their stature in the community, they manage exotic car and diamond rackets that are exclusive as they are well-hidden. Don Emilio Barzini is a charismatic figurehead, with direct influence over movie producers, the police, and the FBI. Some see the Barzinis as the real puppet-masters who use other families to do their bidding. The Barzinis have made massive strides into the area known as Midtown. This is a higher class but closed society, and common gangsters are obvious here, and at risk. Hiding their true potential in the shadow of mankind’s premier architectural achievements means the Barzinis can quietly continue to pull the puppet strings. They are well-funded, and control some of the most lucrative businesses in the state - both legal and otherwise. The Barzinis use their influence to manipulate judges and police chiefs, which gives them the legal protection they need to run their brothels and diamond smuggling rackets. A Barzini will fight to the death with his last ounce of strength.

Barzini gangsters are smooth, treacherous, charismatic, classy, and deceptive; they’re leaders with a persuasive and evil streak.

Boss: Don Emilio Barzini

Activities: Protection rackets, loansharking, numbers rackets, some gambling in Brooklyn, some prostitution, strong-arm, Bronx bookmaking, narcotics, unknown out-of-state operations, diamond smuggling, car sales, hotel ownership, extortion and conspiracy.